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The Milford Children's Trout Derby is a long standing tradition. Going into it's 50th year, this event is attended by many boys and girls yearly. Many of us adults have fond memories of fishing it when we were children.

The Derby started in 1968 when two local men thought it would be fun to stock the upper and lower duck ponds with some trout and invite local children to fish it. A small ad in the newspaper drew 300 children to the event.

Since that day, the Milford Striped Bass Club has organized and operated the Derby.  50 years later, the event is still going strong. For a few years things got pretty tight and it looked like the Derby might become a thing of the past.  It is primarily funded by donations from local residents and businesses.  As the economy got rougher the Derby seemed to be headed for it's demise.

But right in the nick of time many local Businesses stepped up in a very large way and committed to keeping the tradition going. Their timing and their generous support saved what may have become a memory of the past.  So with their help and the help of many individuals the Trout Derby is as strong as ever.

Now each year in the beginning of May, the ponds are stocked and the children come out and enjoy a day of fishing and a great day outdoors. There are prizes awarded in four categories of fish in different age groups. There is also a casting contest and raffle help at the upper pond. It is a great day and one of the few traditions that lives on. We would like to thank everyone that supports the derby and ALL of the children that fish it!  The Milford Striped Bass Club is proud of this event and finds joy in watching the children enjoy a great day of fishing and fun.

For more information see our events calendar or if you are interested in

becoming a sponsor or making a donation please contact the

Trout Derby Co-Chairpersons Shawn and Jenn Lalond

who have been organizing and running the event for over 10 years.

They can be reached at


Milford Striped Bass Club - P.O. Box 103, Milford, CT 06460

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