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In the late 1960s a group of 12 men who shared a common interest in fishing, especially striped bass fishing, decided that they would start a club. This was the birth of The Milford Striped Bass Club (MSBC). As word spread of this new organization, more people expressed interest in joining and MSBC grew and prospered.   At one point in the late 1970s through the early part of the 1980s the club had over 100 members. The current membership in the last several years has been between 50-90 members. The members live in various towns and cities throughout the state.MSBC has been active in the community with its sponsorship of the Milford Children’s Trout Derby. This year (2018) marks the 50th year that the club has been stocking trout in the two ponds in downtown Milford for children ages 15 and under. The club also has been active in public hearings regarding fishing regulations and environmental issues.

Directions for TIDE TABLE

1. Click on the small "MAP" icon.

2. Scroll to the location where 

you plan on fishing.

(scroll with 2 fingers)

3. Click on the icon closest to your fishing location.

4.Now you are ready to catch some fish!


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